Day 2

Tuesday 23/12/2015 – Lisieux to Tours

Well just a short trip today as lack of sleep, not good with long drives, arrive at the Las Acacias 1.15p.m. Dave tries out the showers and announces I wont like them as they are not very hot at all (I did try them and they were lovely and hot, so hot I had to turn them down !!! Dave didn’t realize you could turn the heat up and down !!) after setting up and chatting to another Brit couple who had sold up everything and were now living in their motor home, we decided to “chill” see last picture, for those of you that know me you will know I dont like wine, well this fizzy cheap stuff is right up my street and only 3 euros a bottle you cant knock that. Chilling outside with the said vino, sun goes down and we go to bed, wake up and Dave says its 8.30 so I start to get up then he says but it maybe at night !!! What ?? he has altered his watch to French time by a day and an hour, quick check on the ipad and it is indeed still Tuesday, so god knows what time we went to bed. Managed to sleep till 9.00 Wed morning, even though Dave had a moan at 3 hour intervals through the night 1. I’m hungry 2.I’m going to read 3. I may as well get up and start driving 4. I’ll cook breakfast. Please note he did none of these.

Las Acacias Campsite – ACSI – Lovely hot showers, supermarket within walking distance, free wifi for as many devices you have (this gets a double yipee from me )

Miles traveled – 156             Tolls – 32.10 euros                        Camsite – 18.00 Euros per night

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