Christmas Eve

Thursday 24/12/2015 & 25/12/2015.

Well arrived at the site in montrejeau long day travelling, thought Christmas Eve let’s book something special, arrived to a smileless reception to be told “ferme” ok I know that means shut, all French goes out of my head “ no acsi says open all year” ” it’s Christmas Eve no electric” says smiler, oh yes we didn’t realise it was Christmas Eve silly us !“where can we stay ?, when is the electric on, it’s late” am going to cry. Tomorrow electric is on says happy, ok can we stay with out electric tonight, ummmm no one is on site what if something happens, I don’t care we will be fine says me. She lets us stay I nab so chairs from someone’s chalet and drink the sorrows away, next morning the electric is on, Dave puts the kettle on and trips it, electric on for 2 mins, no one around, mr smiler arrives an hour later and puts the leccy back on. Christmas dinner cooked and eaten yummy, a kite flies overhead and the stunning views of the Pyrenees make Christmas Day special, phone and message the nearest and dearest. Next day we leave no acsi discount the spirit of Christmas is definitely dead in Montrejeur.

Toll – 38.70 euros.      Miles travelled – 243.

Please note the time travelled on the maps are not in a motorhome travelling on average 50 miles per hour on good roads and non toll roads 35 miles per hour average.

Campsite charged us 13 euros per night without electric and 17 euros with electric

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